"A game where you don’t think, you just blow stuff up"

Play as a pissed off worker that didn't receive his salary on this pandemic and wants to destroy his boss new building. Call your friends, explode the construction and capture all of your bosses favorite flags!

Assets used:

With changes:

Freesound - "08191 heavy stones falling.wav" by Robinhood76

Without changes:

Freesound - "Metal hit with metal bar resonance" by jorickhoofd
Freesound - "VICTORY CRY REVERB 2.wav" by chripei

Freesound - "VICTORY CRY REVERB 1.wav" by chripei

Freesound - "Badass Victory" by PearceWilsonKing

Freesound - "Loop_Nothing_Can_Stop_Progress_04.wav" by LittleRobotSoundFactory

Overtime Theme (Live to kill) (newgrounds.com)

Cacti (newgrounds.com)


FuseHead_Windows_v1.0.zip 43 MB
FuseHead_Linux_v1.0.zip 47 MB